Prayer for my new friend

Last night, when Sheree and the kids were dropping me off in Phoenix, I was fueling the Suburban and was approached by a man looking for some funds to stay the night in a hotel. He could get lodging in the Phoenix Rescue Mission but not until Monday morning. His name is Mike. Mike claims to have put his trust in Jesus when he was a young boy and reaffirmed that decision in his teen years. Now, however, Mike claims to be an Atheist and says that God is a figment of man’s imagination. My dad was with me when we spoke to Mike and hopefully was able to take Mike to church this morning (Mike agreed that he would like a ride). Please join our family in praying for Mike (and his girlfriend) that he will once again hear the Holy Spirit and change the direction of his heart and mind. He’s been hurt by many other well-intentioned Christians and has many problems with the body of Christ. Pray that he will see and understand God’s love and God’s church in a new light.

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