Brussels Layover

While in Brussels, I briefly met a Dr. traveling to Rwanda to do a seminar on HIV awareness.  He said that where I was going was much more important than what he was doing and He asked me what motivates me to go to Monrovia right now?  So, on the shuttle bus, I briefly shared the gospel.  He said, “Well, God bless you.”  Perhaps the others who heard will consider the words and put their trust in Christ alone for forgiveness and salvation.

2 Comments on “Brussels Layover

  1. So glad you arrived safely. Now, keep on blessing and blessing. continuing in prayer for you. Be safe. Hugs.

  2. Glad to get your blogs. We appreciate hearing from you and knowing how things are going. We are praying for your safety and that you will have many opportunities to share the gospel boldly. DAD

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