Delays…Flat tires and poor weather.

It has been raining all day; sometimes worse than others.  We are also having an issue with a tire that continues to go flat on the truck.  No one can find the leak, but it continues to go down.  We decided to put the spare tire on but found it to be flat too.  So, we will continue to add air when we can (as well as fill up the spare).


Attempting to figure out our tire situation


Feeling the rain

We are going to go to a community of 47 houses where we will distribute the buckets and kits, and also some medicine for the children struggling with worms.  Please pray that the rain will slow and that the tire will not give us trouble over the next few hours as we go from house to house.

On the plus side, the temperature is some cooler with the breezes from the rain.

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