In The Thick of It

Today I am starting a pastors conference that is, literally, in a community across the street from the compound where Samaritan’s Purse and SIM have had 3 doctors contract the Ebola virus.  I am taking all the safety precautions possible on my part but would really appreciate your extra prayers for the “safety of the messenger.”

A couple of days ago, Isaac and I drove past a crowd gathered alongside the road and outside of a small community.  On our drive back, we saw the riot police gathered in the same place.  Later we learned that a person inside that community had just died from the Ebola virus.

As we continued back to our training center, Isaac pointed out a fenced-in area where the government was cremating bodies of those who have died from the virus.  He also told me that cremation was not a typical part of their customs so it was difficult for their people to accept.



Please pray that God will rescue this land from this terrible virus and, with its rescue, that their hearts will be rescued as well as they turn their hearts toward God.

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  1. Praying fervently for your safety and for all who labor with you, also for a rich harvest. The Lord bless you beyond all you could ask or think!

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