Ministry Maintenance Day

This morning, Isaac and I drove his wife, Rachel, and their son, Moses, into town to shop while Isaac and I took care of other ministry matters in town.  While on the way to the market, we first stopped at one of the orphanages supported by CrossWay International’s Orphans and Needy Children funds.  We made this stop to drop off a couple of the bucket kits we put together so that the children would be able to stay washed.  Such cute kids! This is why I must travel alone; Sheree would scoop all of these little cuties up and take them home!

What a cute orphan boy!  One of many at this orphanage.

What a cute orphan boy! One of many at this orphanage.

After we dropped off Isaac’s family members at the market area, we proceeded into downtown Monrovia to find some tires for the truck.  [We were unable to find anyone who could find the front tire leak and when I went to look at it, I found one of the back tires had a bubble in it. (I thought it was just the kids jumping up and down in the bed).  I asked Isaac about his spare and it was already being used on the other side because that one had been giving him trouble.  So, we really only had one good tire left.  We found a place to purchase tires for a very reasonable price and another place to mount them.  During this time I was able to eat some pizza topped with ham, pineapple, and…corn?  Well, that was a first for me but, it really wasn’t too bad.

Waiting for tires to be installed on our ministry truck.

Waiting for tires to be installed on our ministry truck.

After picking up Isaac’s family, we fueled and went back to the office where continued work was done to build outreach bucket kits and produce more copies of our Make It Clear! workbooks.


Tomorrow will begin conference #2.  Please pray for strength and safety and that God’s Word would be clear from my mouth as I train more local leaders to share the free gift of salvation through Jesus alone.

Preaching in a local church on Sunday.

Preaching in a local church on Sunday.

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  1. My Bible study group is praying for you, your ministry, and your family. I’m so proud of you, Allen!
    Love in Jesus,
    Kathy Lucas

    • Miss Lucas, I am currently sitting in front of a group of teachers who are here to be trained to share the gospel with their students. The public education board has approved this training and some of the leaders are here. They are going to take this training and teach it to their students. Please ask your Bible study group that God’s Word would spread rapidly and be honored among these teachers. I also told them about you and how you impacted my life as a young boy. I encouraged them to know how important their work is and that they are impacting lives, more than they probably realized. Thanks you for your continued prayer, God bless!

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