Yes, It’s Very Clear!

Teaching at our second workshop in Monrovia

Teaching at our second workshop in Monrovia and listening to a song.

At the end of our training today, I concluded by asking if there were any questions and if the message had been clear.  The room was silent, so I gathered they either didn’t understand or were unsure of how to ask any questions.  But then one person said, “Yes, It’s very clear.  We understand!!  Isaac went around the room asking to review what the attendees had learned.  It was great to listen to them express the things they remembered and learned.

I was interviewed today for the BBC radio broadcast.  I was able to express CrossWay’s presence for the purpose of teaching the gospel of salvation through Jesus alone as a free gift.  I hope they air that information!  I also met a Liberian man who has been a long time resident of Dallas, Texas.  He’s done many great things for the people here including building a multimillion dollar hospital.  He came by today to meet me and is hoping that I will get to his home community of Nimba next spring to teach his people there.

Visit from Peter B. Weato

Visit from Peter B. Weato

I also spoke with James Koler today, a man with whom I made contact prior to my arrival.  He is the one who set up the training for the teachers in Nimba that was hindered by the Ebola epidemic.  James is praying that I can return next spring to take the training to the teachers in Nimba.  Please pray that God will allow us to return and share the gospel with the now more than 300 teachers in the Ghanta/Nimba region!!

It was a long day but I was able to finally step foot in the ocean here in Liberia.  Funny, it looks like other oceans I’ve seen in other countries.  However, it’s very tropical here, and the scenery around the beach is fantastic.

Liberian Flower

Liberian Flower

Beautiful Scenery on the southern coast of Liberia

Beautiful Scenery on the southern coast of Liberia

Tonight, I taught Isaac’s children a couple of songs.  One is a Child Evangelism Fellowship Song (CEF) that I learned when I was a boy.  It’s called the Stop and Go song.  They were excited to learn it.  I’ll do my best to get a recording of them singing it before I return home.  I also taught them the B-I-B-L-E.  I was just sure they had heard that one, but they had not.  So now I hear them in the other room going over these songs repeatedly.  It’s fun!


“And there is salvation in no one else;

for there is no other name under heaven that has been given among men

by which we must be saved.”


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