Our Statement

Wednesday evening, we retired for the night having no idea what awaited us the next morning.  We did not expect every major news organization to be asking for interviews and we certainly didn’t expect the large amount of hate mail we received.  We are neither heroes, nor idiots.  We are simply a rural family who cares about people and we are doing our best to help in every area in which we are able.

We have given our statements to the media – some of them reported accurately, others, not so much.  Allen is completely symptom-free and has NEVER tested positive for Ebola.  We are in seclusion as a courtesy to our community and our country, not for any other reason.  We care about our community, very much, and we pray that when the quarantine is over that we might be welcomed back into society.  But if not, we make the following statement…

The Mann Family cares about our neighbors, our community, and our country.  If we did not, we would silently have gone to Liberia and told no one, (and we would likely be hated a lot less).  Our only goal is to share the hope that is in Jesus Christ, and we do that around the world.  We will ALWAYS do everything possible to protect the health and well-being of our fellow Americans while still following our convictions.  We care, and we always will.


Thank you for your many opinions on this matter.  We have taken all to heart, but we are closing comments on this issue so as to protect our family from harm.