All Is Well. More Reassurance from Sheree…


We now have only a few days left of our precautionary quarantine, and all is still well.  Allen’s temperature has been normal and he has been very healthy – not having had so much as a cold!  He did a mid-quarantine Skype visit with our doctor, just as an added measure of reassurance for those concerned, and the doctor agreed that Allen is fine.  In addition, our CrossWay Field Director in Liberia (with whom Allen ministered side-by-side, going everywhere together) also remains healthy, as well as his family.  We will finish out our quarantine, but the chances of Ebola being in this house are now minuscule.

We are very thankful to be healthy so that we can continue to share the grace of God around the world, but we urge you to PRAY for Liberia and West Africa!  My heart breaks for the many, newly-orphaned children, for whom no one will care because of the fear and stigma of the disease from which their parents died.  These children sleep on the beds in which their parents died, and feed themselves from the dishes their parents left behind,  I truly wish we could do more, and I ask that you join together with us in praying for the hurting and lost in Liberia.  These are mothers and fathers, sons and daughters, toddlers and babies – people just like us, families just like ours.  They need our help.  They need our prayers.  They need our love.  Will you join us in praying?

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