Sad to Leave Kenya, but on to Ethiopia…

Allen is finishing up his stay in Kenya today and will be leaving for Ethiopia on (his) Saturday.  He has been treated very kindly by our Kenyan Field Director, Ken (and Winnie), and has met a host of wonderful people and adorable children.

He spent three full days doing one of the things he loves most – training pastors and church leaders in basic Bible doctrine and in how to clearly share the Gospel of Grace.  The results were tremendous!  These pastors are now equipped to train countless others, whom we might never meet.

Tent for Pastoral Training

Tent for Pastoral Training

My husband loves kids as much as I do…  These kids were playing near the training building and got invited to lunch.  :.)

Kenyan Kids Eating on Ground

Neighborhood Kids Invited to Lunch

After the training days, Allen had the privilege of visiting a local orphanage where the children were happy and healthy.  Before leaving the states, a sweet little 8 year-old girl, from Washington, sent us some handmade bookmarks for the children of Kenya, so Allen had the blessing of giving them to the children at the orphanage.  One precious girl took a bookmark, then, as she heard the story of the girl who sent them, hugged it!  It’s my favorite picture of the few I have so far…  Zoom in!  Her face is so sweet!

Kenyan Girl Hugging Bookmark

On (his) Friday, he was able to visit and speak at 2, very remote, schools.  Because he was so tired and the internet was nearly non-existent, I have limited information about the details of the day.  But I do know that he was VERY excited about the children he met and that “many” trusted in Christ for salvation!  He said he was able to hold and play with the small children.  (He says that to make me jealous.)

Tonight, while I am sleeping, Allen will be leaving his new friends in Kenya to repeat these ministries in Ethiopia.  We are excited to see what God does!  Please continue to pray for strength for Allen as he gives his all to this ministry, despite the fact that his day is my night.  I imagine he’s tired!  :.)

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