Inspired by a 3 Year-Old

Allen has been home from Nicaragua for more than a week, and it was a wonderful trip.  Many trusted Christ for salvation, and much was accomplished on the training center.  We’ll give a full report on the trip in our next prayer letter, but today…

I, Sheree, was inspired by a 3 Year-Old.

CrossWay International sent out a Christmas Postcard, featuring kids from around the world saying “Thank You” for the help they’ve received.  Maybe you received one?


My cousin received hers today, and her daughter, barely 3 years old, saw it.  Pointing to one child, she said, “That’s my friend.  She is my age.”  When my cousin replied that those kids need prayer, this sweet girl decided to pray right then and there.  The end of the prayer was caught on video…

“Take care of these kids.  In Jesus Name, Amen.”  A simple prayer from the sweetest of lips, and a huge blessing to my heart.

Thank you, to all of you who have given of yourselves in order to allow CrossWay International to help these children.  This Christmas season, please remember also to pray for them.  “Take care of these kids”, Jesus!

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