New Well!

Remember this girl?

Sweet Liberian Girl

There is something about her that draws me to where she is.  I have looked at this picture often over the past few months – and this one as well…

Captivated by the "white guy"

These children live in Ben Town, Liberia – a town currently consisting of  around 570 people, but growing rapidly.  Allen and our Liberian Field Director, Isaac, visited them in September of last year, bringing them disinfecting supplies and sharing the gospel with these dear people.  Around 75 people trusted Christ alone for salvation during that visit and we were amazed and encouraged by their desire for the Word of God!  Isaac has continued to follow-up with them, going every Saturday to lead a Bible Study with the new believers.

But, as Ebola is still a threat, and poor water sources are dangerous, we wanted to do more.  We are excited to announce that these dear children and their families now have clean drinking water!  CrossWay International, through the generous donations of people like you, recently installed a water well…

Woman at Well

Woman and Child at Well

Man at Well

I am always excited to know that people have safe water to drink, but this well is particularly exciting to me because I’ve seen the faces of those using it, and I know how clean water and the gospel can totally transform a community.  Ben Town is the seat of many traditional African practices, including the secret societies of the Poro and Sande.  (I hope to write more about those in the future.)  But the traditional practices, including their former religion, are being replaced by the truth of God’s Word.

Safe drinking water and hope in Jesus Christ – That’s exciting!  Though I may never get to Ben Town with my husband, my heart is still happy in the knowledge that water and Jesus are available to this sweet baby girl!


I am so thankful for the many who have donated to make this possible!

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