Adios.  Paalam na.  Kwaheri.  Goodbye.  It’s hard to say it in any language.

It’s hard for daddy to say goodbye to his family before he flies out to other countries…

 Philippines Leaving 2

And then it’s hard for him to say goodbye to the dear people we have come to love in those countries!

Kenya Letter From Kids

Hi Allen. Thank you for buying us toys. We have enjoyed you(r) stay. We will miss you when you go. We love you. Tyrese & Faith.

Notice the drawing with the tears.  Oh my.  Could it be any sweeter?  Goodbyes are hard!  But goodbyes are part of this life we live, and the reason for them is the urgency of the message of Jesus Christ.

So…  we said goodbye.  Allen left in the wee hours of the morning today (May 14th) and will arrive in Cebu, with his amazing ministry team, some time tomorrow morning.  The ministry this time will include intense discipleship and teaching as well as children’s ministry to an expected 300 children!  We are excited to bring you more details in the next few weeks of how God works in this country.  Please pray for all involved, that God would be glorified and His work would be done!

In the meantime, Allen is being well cared for.  He was unexpectedly bumped up to First Class (free!) for the longest leg of the trip.  (That usually costs thousands of dollars!)  This gives him an opportunity to get some much needed sleep in the more comfortable seats (the part I was excited about) AND (this is the part HE was excited about)…they handed him this dessert menu…

Ice Cream Menu

Does anybody really pick the cheese?

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