This is the Life… (of one International Missionary)

Have you ever wondered what the life of an international missionary looks like on a daily basis?

Maybe not, but I certainly did before we became that family, and I had no idea how God would continually surprise me with a wide variety of ministries! Aside from the paperwork and planning involved on the international side of things, there is a constant supply of ministries here in the states—each one an opportunity for the clear gospel to be given! Sometimes it’s manual labor, like mucking stalls after a friend’s back surgery or fixing the car of some-one in need. Other times it’s visiting those in hospice or babysitting for a mom in need. Still other times God gives the honor of officiating at weddings and funerals. The methods are many, but one thing remains constant: People are most receptive to hearing the gospel of grace when we have first served them in some way!

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This is, in fact, the heart of CrossWay International.


Our main purpose is, and always will be, to point people to the cross, but we choose to do it through acts of kindness in order to open hearts for the hearing of the gospel. Whether it’s digging a water well or raking manure, feeding the orphans or putting a water pump on an old car, everything we do is to show the love of Jesus Christ at all times, in all places.

We are busy working on our prayer letter.  It is much later than it should be, but look for it soon.  The last 2 months have been packed with both international ministry as well as service here in the states.  We thank you for your part in spreading the Good News!

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