Guest Post from 10 Year Old Rachel…

This week was an adventure.  I was going to post about it, but I discovered that Rachel had already written about it in her journal – and it was so good, I asked if she would be willing to share it.  I think she needs her own blog!

Rachel’s Journal Entry

July 7, 2015

I guess I should have realized by now to just go with the flow and be ready for whatever, but I’m not.  Today, we thought we were going to Havasu but ended up stuck on the side of the road, sweltering because the A.C. wasn’t working.  So while Dad fixed our Suburban we got into the trailer and played electronics, then decided it was cooler in the car.  So we decided to get back in and get some cold drinks.  That helped a LOT with the heat.

Broken Down

My genius dad figured out the problem (of course) and was able to fix it temporarily so we were able to make it to a nearby Walmart where dad was able to find what he needed to get us a little farther to an auto parts store where dad fixed it enough to get us home.  (Interjection from Sheree – we will be working on recognizing run-on sentences in the near future.)

Broken Down 2

So here I am, sitting on my bed, grateful that God got us home safely.  He is a God of kindness and mercy and also the only God.  So I am always praying that He’ll keep us safe and He always does.

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