Swallowed Up

The stage swallowed my son. Strange, but true.

While attempting to help daddy with the electronics under the stage at our church, Nathan got stuck. Daddy rescued him and all was well, but not before I snapped some pictures.

Pictures of Nathan in Stage Nathan in Stage 3Nathan in Stage 2

But as I looked at these images, I realized that this happens to all of us. (Not literally, of course, unless you’re in my family!) But in so many ways, this life can overwhelm us. We feel like life has swallowed us whole and we have no way of escape.

But then we call for our “Dad”, and He rescues us! Our amazing Father, the Sovereign God of the Universe, cares enough to gently lift us from our pain, our sorrow, our discouragement, and our fear!

As the month of July ends – the month when we celebrate the birth of our nation and the freedoms we still enjoy here in America, this knowledge brings great encouragement. In light of many recent court rulings and news stories, it is so comforting to me to know that my Father is still in control, no matter how deeply “under the stage” I feel. No matter how dark it seems, I am not alone.

But the even greater news is that the darker the world is, the brighter the light of Jesus shines!  We have the amazing privilege of shining that light – reflecting it!  You.  Me.  All of us in the body of Christ!

What will we do today to show His love and give away His hope?

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  1. Thanks, Allen. These words are definitely food for thought.

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