Duct Tape, Load Locks, and Waiting Rooms… Oh My!

Have you ever noticed that life doesn’t always go as planned?  In fact, I’ve come to the conclusion that it actually very seldom does.       

Allen Working on Trailer

On the side of the road, trying to get our (very broken) 40 ft. trailer home by using duct tape and load locks…

Really, Big Blue???  Twice in one month - after all the work Allen put into you?

Really, Big Blue??? Twice in one month – after all the work Allen put into you?

It’s a lesson my kids have had to learn early…. 

Kids in Waiting Room

Grandma has to have her pacemaker replaced. These kids are very good at waiting in waiting rooms.

Kids in waiting room 2

But sometimes we have the whole waiting room to ourselves…

We have a lot of surprises in this life – not all of them are very fun. 

But some of them are!!! 

Last year around this time, Allen traveled to Liberia, hoping to teach the public school teachers there how to share the gospel.  It was not possible at that time because of the Ebola crisis, but that opportunity is now here!  Allen is currently in Ghanta and will be teaching the Make It Clear Seminar to these teachers in just a few hours.  It’s conceivable that up to 10,000 public school students will hear the gospel through these teachers!  Please pray with us today that the gospel of grace will do its amazing work in the hearts of these teachers, and consequently, in the hearts of their students!

About Pastor Allen Mann

President/CEO of GraceWorks Global; Music and Worship Pastor, Pastor of Evangelism and Outreach at Ponderosa Bible Church.
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