Yes… Allen really did make it home…

When we last left Allen, he had just arrived in the Philippines…  And the blog left him there!

He came home and promptly got quite ill (beginnings of pneumonia) and just as he was getting better, I (Sheree) succumbed.

But we are feeling better now and we have lots to share with you.  We will be sending out a newsletter sometime next week, but for now here is a summary video of the Philippines trip, created by our own Joe Falkner!

About Pastor Allen Mann

President/CEO of GraceWorks Global; Music and Worship Pastor, Pastor of Evangelism and Outreach at Ponderosa Bible Church.
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2 Responses to Yes… Allen really did make it home…

  1. Ginny Hafer says:

    Thanks, Pastor Joe, for this video. The children look so happy. This must have been a wonderful trip.

  2. Barb Renouf says:

    I LOVED the video.

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