Some People Live and Learn…

Some people live and learn.  Some people just live.  No matter how many times I hear that quote, it is always a personal challenge to me to be in the first group.  I never want to get so comfortable in life that I forget to keep learning – not only the teachings of God, but also the WAY He wants me to live those out – even down to the “small” things.

This month, Allen and I have had to learn a few ways NOT to do some things.  I used to read a book to my kids when they were little called “Moosey Saves Money”.  We loved that book and would laugh all the way through at how silly Moosey was to work so hard to save money when he always cost himself more in the end.  Well, this month was “Welcome to Moosey’s World!” in the Mann house.

In an effort to save money on shipping the water filtration buckets to Nicaragua, we ended up spending more.  Not only did they not arrive during the time they were promised to arrive (when the team was there!), they accrued customs and holding fees they were not supposed to accrue.  It was a costly mistake that will not be repeated.  But, it does have a silver lining…

Allen has been given the opportunity by the staff of Ponderosa to make an impromptu trip to Nicaragua to resolve the situation.  He will now be able to hand out the water buckets, personally sharing the gospel with each recipient.  We will also be doing water purity tests to make sure the buckets are able to filter even the worst water.  (One area has a well that is too close in proximity to a bathroom and the well has been unusable.  We are excited to see if these buckets can make it a safe water source for these dear people once again!)

This will be a six day trip.  He leaves VERY early in the morning and will return home next Tuesday night.  Please be in prayer for the people who will hear the gospel and for wisdom for us as we make connections that will enable us to deal more effectively in the future.

In the meantime, we are taking Moosey’s final advice to heart…


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