GraceWorks Philippines

Our GraceWorks team is halfway through their 2 week Philippine trip and things are going well…

We have an outstanding team…


Ed and Jan Miller, Gene Watts, Allen Mann, and Joe Falkner

And the food isn’t bad either…


The first picture Allen sent me…  Such a surprise.

There are many opportunities to meet people and share the hope of Christ…


Children sell necklaces on the beach…

And that message is just what people need!


2 trust Christ for salvation after Sunday’s gospel message! 

Wifi isn’t always available, so details are slow in coming, but we appreciate your prayers and are excited about the ministry happening!  There is still a week to go, so please keep praying!

About Pastor Allen Mann

President/CEO of GraceWorks Global; Music and Worship Pastor, Pastor of Evangelism and Outreach at Ponderosa Bible Church.
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  1. George says:

    Praying for you folks.. See you in a few Days here in Cebu.

  2. Rich Mann says:


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