Beneficial Buckets on a Broad Barge

We finally got our water purification buckets shipped, and we did it for a fraction of the initial $22,000 quote we received.  (I think we might have laughed at the poor man giving us that number but he had to know that was ridiculous!)  We had to load them up and take them to Phoenix (where they sat in Allen’s gracious parents’ front yard for a week while the shipper tried to fix a paperwork error!) but they were finally picked up a few days ago.


The buckets leave the States on the 12th, traveling by boat (we are literally SHIPPING them) and will arrive on Christmas Day.  Allen will be distributing them to areas with no access to clean water and areas that are particularly affected by jaundice caused by water contamination.


We have not shipped to this country before so please pray with us that there will be no Customs issues (as we are distributing these freely, not selling or making money in any way) and that BOTH pallets will arrive safely and on time!

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