Philippine Ministry Update

We are so happy to welcome Pastor Roel Allocod to our overseas team. Pastor Roel has been working hard to share God’s Word with local as well as remote churches.  He runs children’s ministries, holds weekly Bible studies for young adults, and shares the gospel wherever he goes.

I met Pastor Roel a few years ago just prior to full-time mission work. Through strange and various contacts, God brought us together and we developed a great friendship. Over the past couple of years, God has been moving in him to work among the regional churches and to impact the lives of children – most of whom are very poor and destitute. He cares deeply for these kids, and it shows! We have had teams work with him over the past couple of years and they can attest to this fact.

We decided to add Pastor Roel and his family to our overseas, Filipino ministry family. He has been working hard and traveling much. He continues to develop relationships for open doors to share the gospel and the truths of God’s Word.

Please continue to pray for our work in the Philippines. We have some dreams and goals about which we are praying. An example would be to see a small “Family Center” built for orphaned children. We have a location but need the necessary funds to not only build a couple of small dorms, but to also be able to feed and clothe the children on a monthly basis.


Orphans in need of a permanent home or facility with the dear ladies caring for them at the church.

About Pastor Allen Mann

President/CEO of GraceWorks Global; Music and Worship Pastor, Pastor of Evangelism and Outreach at Ponderosa Bible Church.
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  1. Ginny Hafer says:

    Thank you, Allen and Sheree, for letting me know what I may be praying about in regards to the Philippines. It seems to me that Allen has a very tender spot and a passion for ministering among particularly the orphans there. Ginny

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