Philippine Ministry Continues…

One of the most amazing things about having a ministry of training local pastors to minister to their own people is that — local pastors end up ministering to their own people! This is particularly exciting because…

A.  It happens year-round, not just when we are in-country

B.  The language and cultural barriers we face are non-existent for them, so they can minister effectively with the tools and knowledge they have been given.


C.  The results are exponential because they will connect with people we will never even meet!

“GraceWorks was able to minister to youth and preaching time during Sunday worship. Praise the Lord I was able to minister to the family of church members.” –Pastor Roel

The ministry has continued in our absence, but there is more to be done!  Allen and his father, Rich Mann, will be traveling this week to train new pastors and work with the children and poor areas of the Philippines.

Thank you for your continued prayers and support!  You are making a difference around the world!

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