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The Journey of the Mann Family with GraceWorks Global

On a day that marked the beginning of a lifelong partnership, January 1, 1994, Allen Mann and Sheree Dickey united in marriage, setting the foundation for what would become a family deeply rooted in faith and service. The Mann family, blessed with four incredible children through both birth and adoption—Stephanie, Joshua, Nathan, and Rachel—embarked on a journey that would lead them to touch the lives of many around the world. Allen, ordained in July of 2000, served in various pastoral roles across two churches, dedicating nearly two decades to ministry within the United States before heeding a call that would broaden their horizons to global missions with GraceWorks Global in January 2020.

Allen's innate ability to evangelize and captivate audiences through his speaking is complemented by his musical talents, honed through years of training with the Phoenix Boys’ Choir and experience in leading both traditional and contemporary church music. His proficiency with the bass guitar and saxophone adds a unique dimension to their ministry, allowing for a blend of words and music that touches hearts. Similarly, Sheree's creative gifts have found a home in her work with Skitguys.com and the development of children’s curriculum for GraceWorks Global, utilizing her talents in writing and music to further enrich their shared mission.

The Mann children, now flourishing young adults, embody the values instilled in them by their parents. Stephanie and Joshua, living independently, continue to exemplify the wonderful upbringing they received, while Nathan and Rachel, still at home, actively participate in the family’s ministry. Their musical gifts, mirroring those of their parents, enable them to contribute significantly to the ministry, whether through playing instruments, singing, or writing worship songs. This collective talent within the family not only strengthens their bond but also enhances their ability to minister to others.

As the Mann family continues their work with GraceWorks Global, they remain a testament to the power of faith and family in the service of others. Available to minister at churches within the United States, they extend an invitation to come alongside churches and ministries, offering their myriad talents to support, uplift, and inspire. Their journey from a family united in love to emissaries of hope and grace reflects a commitment to living out their faith in tangible, impactful ways.

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