Tom Cosper

Tom Cosper is a life-long resident of Arizona. He and Heidi, his wife of over 20 years, currently live in Payson where they are raising their 3 children. He works full-time as a pharmacist for a home delivery pharmacy in Phoenix and occasionally also works part-time at a local retail pharmacy. Prior to returning to school to become a pharmacist, Tom worked for a large mutual fund company. There he progressed through departments ranging from Investor Information and Web Technical Support to high-net-worth services and Education Savings also serving as a trainer. In his younger years, Tom spent summers working for the Forest Service in various capacities including on an engine-crew, hotshot crew, and in a lookout tower.

Growing up, Tom’s family were not churchgoers, but were believers, and he has always seen God in nature and had an absolute belief in God as the all-powerful Creator and considered himself a “Christian” although it was not the central focus in his life. This continued largely unchanged through young adulthood until gradually, with much support from Heidi, Tom began to actively seek the truth. It has been in the last decade though, through reading, prayer, regular attendance at Ponderosa Bible Church and the encouragement, influence, and inspiration of Pastor Allen Mann that Tom finally came to fully accept Jesus Christ as his Savior.Going forward, Tom is committed both to raising his children in the church and to growing in his own knowledge of God’s Word and the ability to share his belief with others. Seeing the commitment and passion Pastor Allen and his family have for missionary work, Tom also feels very strongly that through supporting the efforts of GraceWorks Global he will be helping to bring salvation to many who would otherwise never have had the opportunity.

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