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Quarantine Activities for Kids

During our devotions this morning, my kids asked me what in the world we were going to do for the next couple weeks. This is humorous because today is just like any other day for our homeschool family. But apparently just the thought that we aren’t going to be going to church this week, or the store, or the other activities we would usually attend, was enough to send them into pre-boredom panic.

Thankfully, my family already has a lot of experience with staying occupied during times of waiting. One of the things we often do is play “Activity Bingo” – for prizes! It encourages them to stay occupied, gives them suggestions on how to occupy their time, and then rewards them for doing so. Then it occurred to me there might be other families that could benefit from what I’ve created.

Here’s how it works… Each child receives a bingo card and chooses which activities he or she would like to accomplish. Children can get a BINGO by accomplishing any 5 activities in a row, either vertically or horizontally. Each BINGO earns a reward coupon of their choice. I usually give a bonus reward coupon for completing the entire card. That’s it! Simply print the cards and the coupons, cut them out, and have fun! (I like to print on cardstock, but whatever you have is fine.)

I am including an Elementary Age BINGO card as well as a Teen version and reward cards. They are in both PDF and Word format so you can customize if you like!

Have fun! And if you have any questions or need any tech help, don’t hesitate to contact us. GraceWorks Global is here for you!

GraceWorks Global on COVID-19 and the Upcoming Nicaragua Trip

As you certainly know by now, the recommendations being given to halt the spread of the Corona Virus have changed daily.  As of today, borders are closing and we are being asked to restrict all unnecessary travel and meetings. 

In light of this, we have decided to postpone our trip to Nicaragua, originally scheduled for next week. We are working on new dates and new plans for when the virus situation is under control.  

Please continue to pray for those affected by the Corona Virus and for GraceWorks Global as we reschedule many events, both here and in Nicaragua. Also be praying, as we are, that God would allow each of us the opportunity to share Christ with those around us during these uncertain times and that His love and compassion would be evident in our lives – even if that means giving up our last roll of toilet paper!

The Day God Answered My Prayer With a Motorhome I Didn’t Want. True Confessions From Sheree.

I (Sheree) think I take after my Grandmother. For Christmas one year, our entire family got together and bought her a state-of-the-art computer, hand built by one of her grandsons, with all the technology she needed to stay in touch with her entire family. We were very excited to give it to her. When she received it she said “Thank you” and we moved on with the festivities, happy that we had done a great thing for her.

After she passed away we were reading through her daily journals (which she had asked us to do). On December 25th of that particular year she had written only 2 sentences…

“They gave me a computer. I didn’t want it.”

We all laughed until we cried at that entry. My poor grandmother! That computer could help her stay in touch with all of us but to her it was scary! She would have to learn new technology. She wasn’t sure she could ever figure it all out. She felt overwhelmed and didn’t want to venture into the unknown. The unknown is scary. And often lonely. So she would rather have forgone the computer and stayed with the status quo, which was to only be able to talk on the phone with her grandkids instead of actually seeing them and her great-grandbabies on a video call. Oh what she would miss!

But here I sit, remembering that story and thinking about how much I am like my grandmother when it comes to accepting the blessings of God.  Allow me to tell you a story – a story of God’s goodness and my foolishness. 

We were given a travel trailer 6 years ago.  It slept our whole family comfortably and worked well for ministry travel. However, over the past few years it had become “no longer roadworthy” and needed to be permanently parked.  But there we were, on the cusp of being full-time with GraceWorks Global, knowing it would require many weeks “on the road” visiting churches and supporters.  What were we to do?

Well, let me tell you what I wanted.  I wanted to pack our little mini-van and stay in hotels.  To be honest, I’m not a fan of pulling large trailers or driving large vehicles – and when I say “not a fan”, I actually mean “terrified”.  There have been some accidents in my past that have led to some overwhelming fears and, to date, I have not been successful in overcoming them.  So Sheree’s idea of a great ministry trip is to pack our Toyota Sienna with 6 people, luggage for 6 people, food for 6 people, and all the sound equipment, musical instruments, and ministry necessities needed for us to present GraceWorks Global at various churches around the country.  Yes.  That really is as ridiculous as it sounds.  I’m pretty sure our vehicle would look astoundingly similar to the Grinch’s sleigh after he had stolen The Who’s Christmas – piled 10 feet high.  

Fear is a funny thing. While my husband was telling me this wouldn’t work, I was insisting it could.  But, being the reasonable person I am, I decided I would pray about it. And I did.  I figured a motorhome would be best for the long travel days we would have, so for a solid year I prayed that God would provide us a motorhome we could afford, but I didn’t pray very hard because I didn’t actually want it.  Besides, motorhomes are very expensive and I have an aversion to debt, so I felt pretty safe in the fact that we wouldn’t find one in our price range.  I knew God COULD do it, but I figured He was on my side and wouldn’t.  (I know.  I’m so mature.)

So the year went on and on and no one gave us a motorhome.  All the motorhomes we looked at were very expensive and would require a loan.  Plus, we found a homeless couple who needed a home.  Our travel trailer was perfect for their needs.  So we were now completely RV-less!  Hotels here we come, I thought! But my (wise) husband was still looking. Surprisingly, he didn’t think the whole “Grinch Sleigh” thing was the best ministry travel plan.  Enter God.  (Okay – God was there all along but sometimes it’s easier to see Him than others.)

In a conversation my husband had with his dad, we were informed that a friend of his had a motorhome for sale. As it turns out, this friend has a heart for missions, and foster care, and adoption.  Ugh.  How much could we possibly have in common???  But hearts don’t pay for motorhomes, so we asked how much the Motorhome would cost us. The answer?   “Well, he owes *this much* on it but is willing to sell it to you for your ministry for less than he owes.  Yeah. The same amount I had decided in my talks with God was the most we could possibly afford.  

Me:  But… we still need a car hauler and those can be a couple thousand dollars!  

Hubby:  Oh!  I forgot to tell you.  The owner is throwing in a car hauler.

Me:  But tires on these things always blow up!  And they are expensive too!

Hubby:  Oh yeah – he just put new tires on it.

Me:  Surrendering.  So, God literally just took our old travel trailer to take care of people who were living in the freezing Payson winter.  AND He threw in the motorhome I had prayed about, for the price I asked Him to give us, with all the accessories we would need.  And I’m whining.  

I’m indescribably thankful for a forgiving God and a patient husband.

So here I am… traveling across I-40, typing this at the table of our “new” motorhome.  I just fixed my family lunch at this same table, while we drove.  (Just meats, cheese, and crackers.  Don’t email me with cooking safety warnings.  :.)  We are all traveling in more comfort than we have ever experienced on a long trip.  2 kids are on the couch, cuddled up in blankets (and seatbelts), reading and eating lunch.  My oldest daughter just finished some beadwork across the table from me.  My oldest son is riding shotgun and chatting with my husband who is behind the wheel.  

All of this because God answered my prayer by giving me something I didn’t want.  

So if today you are afraid of the unknown, or overwhelmed by circumstances, or thinking God isn’t listening or answering, be encouraged.  For one thing, you couldn’t possibly be as pathetic as I am, so you’re already one step ahead.  And for another thing, God IS working.  But He is not just working on your circumstances; He is working on YOU – to conform you to the image of His Son.  

And maybe He’ll even use a motorhome to do it.

God Continues To Bless!

Having moved out of my office at Ponderosa Bible Church, I needed a place to work that has internet.  Our house doesn’t have anything other than our hotspots and they don’t last very long.

Payson Christian School ( and school administrator Dr. Aaron Walp, have graciously given me an area that I can use as an office!  The facility has great internet and is quiet (for the most part, between bells).  I am so very thankful for how God continues to provide for our needs through His people and our brothers and sisters in Christ.


Going Out and About

Today we are preparing to venture out internationally. Another opportunity to share the love and truths of Jesus to others in other parts of the world begins tomorrow.  Please pray for safety in travel, good health, open doors to share the gospel, and new believers to disciple.

In A Round About Way!

These pictures depict the daily ministry of our friend and co-worker, Roel, in the Philippines.  Roel makes contact with individuals through a Cebuano-translated gospel tract that GraceWorks Global has produced.  This brochure gives the gospel and also a brief plan for spiritual growth of new believers.  (The area in the photos is a park in the center of a very large round-about.)  

Roel led one man to Christ, then gave him a Bible in his language and within days several more people were reached through the brochures and the testimony of the new believers.  The group is growing and some are now even attending church!  The most exciting part is that this is not an isolated occurrence.  It is happening every single week!  Roel also spends many hours each week discipling and teaching the new believers.

We praise God for His grace and mercy in the hearts and lives of these individuals.  We also praise God for allowing us to be a part of our co-laborer’s family on the opposite side of the world

Pray for Nicaragua

GraceWorks Global has been working in Nicaragua for several years and we (the Mann Family) personally have friends in many areas of the country.  Currently, there is political unrest (revolving around the nation’s Social Security Program) and people are being injured.  We are asking for prayer for this dear country for wisdom for its leadership, peace for its citizens, and most importantly, that God would open hearts to His free gift of eternal life through this and every circumstance.

Fun Filipinos!!

We love all the different ways God has enabled us to share the gospel internationally, but one of our favorites is having fun with the kids!  Here is a clip of adorable Filipino kids during one of our recent times of children’s ministry in Cebu.

Merry Christmas from the Mann Family


Matthew 2:11 says of the wisemen… “After coming into the house they saw the Child with Mary His mother; and they fell to the ground and worshiped Him. Then, opening their treasures, they presented to Him gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh.”  

They worshiped Him and gave Him their finest gifts.  May we ever do the same!  

Merry Christmas from GraceWorks Global!

Family Nica Trip – Day One

Have you ever locked your keys in the car?  It’s really never at a convenient moment, but I think maybe one of the worst times is when your family of six is at the airport curb, ready to leave the country, and your passports and suitcases are still inside.


Yep.  That’s how we started our first family mission trip to Nicaragua!  And if you are thinking, “Surely, things will get better…”  You should probably go read our vacation story from last year which, oddly enough, also involved locking keys in the car as well as a broken foot, broken tooth, broken toe, a closed theme park, and swimming in raw sewage. (We don’t make a habit of swimming in sewage, in case you were wondering.  We save that for special occasions.)

Our flights were fairly uneventful, aside from when they took our most important carry-on bag from us.  (It was the one with all the technology we need for the ministry, as well as the money we had already exchanged for Cordobas.)  Oh – and the Wendy’s in the Houston airport was out of baked potatoes and I had to eat french fries.  Not that I’m bitter or anything.


We did finally arrive in Managua, Nicaragua.  Our friends were waiting for us and we only had to get our luggage, clear Customs, and find them. Unfortunately, both Customs and the luggage inspectors weren’t quite sure of us.  Apparently, two 40-somethings traveling with 4 teens and 11 suitcases seems nefarious.   Maybe it was because I snapped this picture before Allen informed me that no pictures are to be taken in this part of the airport.  Oops.


Managua Airport.jpg

After they walked Allen out to find our friends to verify our story, called in several people to ask us questions, and did a lot of paperwork, we were able to get our luggage, which was then inspected.  Twice.  We were finally allowed to leave the airport at 9 pm.

It took 2 trucks and quite a few friends, but we got the 6 of us and all our luggage to our “home away from home” in Diriamba, Corazo.  We are staying in the second house of the Mayor of Diriamba.  I will say more about him later because he is the kindest, most thoughtful and humble man and we are thankful to be counted among his friends.  But for now, I’ll just tell you that the hurricanes of the past months flooded this house and ruined all his furniture.  We knew this and our team planned ahead, having cots and an air mattress waiting for us.  We even found out that the Mayor had installed a window A/C unit just for us!  This Arizona girl was seriously excited about that news!

However, it was very late when we arrived “home”, and the power had gone out.  This meant no air conditioning, but it also made it difficult to inflate the “Self-Inflating Air Mattress”.  We decided to take turns blowing.  We each blew until we felt faint, at which point the other would take over.  We got it up to about 2 inches high before we passed out.  (Not really.  We’re just quitters.)


Deciding to sleep on it “as is”, we crawled on.  This is when I discovered that my legs weigh far less than my head and every time Allen moved – my legs would “jump up in the air like they just did not care”.  This led to jokes about the hokey pokey and I had a strong urge to turn our bed around.  It was at this point we realized it was useless to try to sleep like that because we were laughing too hard.


We ditched the mattress, put the blanket on the cool tile floor near the open door, hoping to catch a breeze, and tried hard to sleep.  Just as we were finally drifting off, around 3 am, the power, and every light on the property, turned on.

Party at the Mann’s!  We had air conditioning AND an inflated bed!  Who could ask for anything more???  And in just a few hours we would start a new day and we were excited about the ministry opportunities!  Plus, maybe our adventures would be…  less adventurous!  One can always hope!


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