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Towers of Blessings!


While you are sleeping, we will be traveling again to pick up another 50 buckets!  Thanks to many who responded, we have more funds to create more kits!  We will come back and make the kits and then this evening we will distribute them to the community and share the gospel of God’s great grace with them.  Please pray for our safety in travel, and quick preparation of the kits.  Also, please pray now that hearts will be open and ready to receive the message of salvation in Jesus alone!

Cats and Dogs!

I was awakened suddenly by a noise in my room.  I turned my flashlight on the area of the noise and found a kitten sniffing around my snacks!  He’s a really scary creature!


It’s also raining cats and dogs here.  We picked up our 50 buckets from the Red Zone market in Paynesville and were poured on while trying to load them into the back of the truck.  By the time we were finished we were soaked!  Was wishing for some shampoo and soap.

So for now, we are confined to the house until the rain settles but it doesn’t seem to be letting up.  I have 50 outreach kits made up which include: medical masks, rubber gloves, disinfectant tablets, instructions and a CrossWay International tract.



So, while waiting for the weather, I am going over my Bible study and lesson notes for the up-coming pastor’s conference this weekend.

Your continued prayers are very much appreciated!

Jet Lagged, but moving forward…

Today, Isaac (my friend and co-worker with CrossWay International in Monrovia) and I drove along the coastline’s main road.  We stopped at the ELWA compound where Samaritan’s  Purse is operating a clinic for Ebola cases.   This compound is also the main ministry facility for SIM.  I did not go to the actual hospital section but around it where I visited the home of a SIM worker I met at Ponderosa Bible Church.  It was a brief visit and I was able to assist my friend with a couple of items.

Following this, we drove deep into Monrovia to make a bank deposit for some funds that will be used to start another water well.  Going inside requires hand washing and a laser thermometer temperature test.  My temperature was written down on a small slip of paper and then stapled to my shirt collar.

After the bank, we stopped at the Red Light district market where we found 50, 2 1/2 gallon pails that will be used to distribute disinfectant kits that we will assemble tomorrow.  Our hope is that we can use these kits to provide some Ebola safety measures in the community and most importantly to use the distribution of these kits as an open door to share the gospel!

As we continued on our journey back to the Training Center, we stopped to visit a blind man.  Joseph was born blind and has a family with 5 children and one grandchild.  He was introduced to me through Dean and email correspondence.  Dean asked me to deliver a collapsible white cane for him to use.  I presented it to him and he was overjoyed.  He opened it, then demonstrated his ability to use it and his need for it.  Joseph is a talented singer.  I asked him to sing for me and he asked is wife, Janet, to sing harmony along with him. They sang a song in English and then one in their traditional tongue, “Dan.”  It was beautiful!  As they sang, the song filled their home as they both sang to the Lord.  It was a very worshipful moment.

We said our goodbyes (although I learned that Joseph will be coming to the Make it Clear! training this weekend) and Isaac and I made our way back to the truck.  It’s a bit of a walk back up to the truck, routing a trail through various yards and groups gathering outdoors.  One boy saw me and ran screaming to his family.  He told them he was afraid of the white man.  I tried to be kind and say hello but it only scared him more.

I dozed off for a bit on the remainder of the ride back to the Training Center, and once I returned, I laid down and slept deeply for 4 hours.

Right now, Isaac and I are making plans.  I brought the Jesus Film DVD with me and we are going to invite the community to come and watch the film on Sunday Night at the Training Center.  We are deciding if we can afford to provide some snacks and drinks but we think it will be a good turn-out.  I will invite people to trust in Jesus alone after the film.  Please pray for this opportunity to be fruitful.

God bless!

I’m Here (or in your case, I’m there)

Thank you for praying for my safe travel.  After a very long flying day I am finally with my friends at the CrossWay Training Center in Monrovia, Liberia.  I will post a few pictures in the future as time and internet permits, but don’t want to give away too much or the next ministry prayer letter will be boring!  Thanks again for your prayers!

Brussels Layover

While in Brussels, I briefly met a Dr. traveling to Rwanda to do a seminar on HIV awareness.  He said that where I was going was much more important than what he was doing and He asked me what motivates me to go to Monrovia right now?  So, on the shuttle bus, I briefly shared the gospel.  He said, “Well, God bless you.”  Perhaps the others who heard will consider the words and put their trust in Christ alone for forgiveness and salvation.

Prayer for my new friend

Last night, when Sheree and the kids were dropping me off in Phoenix, I was fueling the Suburban and was approached by a man looking for some funds to stay the night in a hotel. He could get lodging in the Phoenix Rescue Mission but not until Monday morning. His name is Mike. Mike claims to have put his trust in Jesus when he was a young boy and reaffirmed that decision in his teen years. Now, however, Mike claims to be an Atheist and says that God is a figment of man’s imagination. My dad was with me when we spoke to Mike and hopefully was able to take Mike to church this morning (Mike agreed that he would like a ride). Please join our family in praying for Mike (and his girlfriend) that he will once again hear the Holy Spirit and change the direction of his heart and mind. He’s been hurt by many other well-intentioned Christians and has many problems with the body of Christ. Pray that he will see and understand God’s love and God’s church in a new light.

Preparing to fly to Monrovia, Liberia!

I am so excited to meet my new friends in Monrovia on Monday.

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